Linux, Some useful commands

Linux, Some useful commands

Hi, so I like to have handy some useful Linux commands this is due that developing or being an IT it’s not my full job. It is more a hobby and all goes away from my head really fast, If you are like me and you are just a Tech User then you would understand, we aren’t professionals but having this tips and snippets come handy.

  1. sudo
  2. ls
  3. rm
  4. cd


On of the most useful commands in Linux , this command gives you Super User privileges so everytime you want to run a program that only ROOT can use you have to become ROOT admin with this command.


This command shows you the current directory you are working in and shows also other folder and files located in the current directory you are in.


With this command you are able to delete folders or files. I would have to leave you a link to the man page so you can read what are the proper use for this command


This command allows you to go to any folder up or down..

So that’s it for now, I gonna keep updating this post when I remember other without reading the man page, remember I am just a Tech User just like you.